Group Members

NMR & Membrane Biophysics Group comprises:


  • Dr Frances Separovic FAA – Professor
  • Dr Marco Sani – Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Sarah Overall – Research Associate
  • Alexandre Poulhazan – UPMC intern
  • Yufei Jiang – MSc student
  • Miriam Kael – MSc student
  • Catherine Nguyen – MSc student
  • Dean Sheard – PGDip student
  • Behnoosh Tajik – PhD student
  • Shiying Zhu – PhD student


Our laboratory is located at the Bio21 Institute. See our group page.

Some of our former group members, and their positions:

  • Dr Thomas Meikle: School of Science, RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Dr Nitin Patil: Florey Institute for Neuroscience & Mental Healthy, Melbourne
  • Dr Wenyi Li: Leibnitz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology, FMP-Berlin
  • Dr Anna Mularski: OPCW, The Hague; Institut Cochin, Paris
  • Dr John Karas: post-doc, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Daniel Weber: post-doc, IBM Research – Australia
  • Dr Vino Nair: Bain India
  • Dr John Gehman: ARC Future Fellow, Chemistry, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Linda Chan: post-doc, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Dr David Fernandez: Australian Defence Force
  • Mr Tom Whitwell (MSc): Masters student, Graduate School of Business & Economics
  • Dr Scott Fraser: National Product Specialist in Thermal Analysis, PerkinElmer
  • Dr Geoff Burrell: The Technology Centre, DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Dr Fazel Shabanpoor: CJ Martin Fellowship, Howard Florey Institute; University of Cambridge
  • Ms Caitlin O’Brien (Hons): Orica Graduate Program; Dulux
  • Dr Martin Boland: Senior Lecturer, Charles Darwin University
  • Dr Alison Drechsler: science teacher, QLD
  • Dr Crystal Tong Lay Lau: post-doc, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California; Health Science Authority, Singapore
  • Dr Maurits de Planque: Lecturer, Electronics & Computing Sciences, University of Southampton
  • Dr Anna Tickler: post-doc, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University; Mimotopes
  • Dr Feda’ Ali: post-doc, Pathology Department, University of Melbourne; CSL
  • Ms Anita Kishore (MSc): PhD student, Chemistry Department, University of Georgia; Consultant, Bain & Co.
  • Dr Aphrodite Anastasiadis-Poole: post-doc, Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt; Scientific Recruitment Consultant, Kelly Scientific Resources
  • Dr Yuen-Han (Tracy) Lam: post-doc, Biochemistry Department, University of Oxford
  • Dr Craig Morton: Principal Research Scientist, Biota Structural Biology, St Vincents Institute, Melbourne